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As a managed service provider it is our goal to keep your business up and running. We offer a wide range of monitoring, patching, security, technical support, and backup and recovery options. Keeping your servers, networking devices, and even workstations up to date, latest anti-virus definitions and daily backups both onsite and offsite. We run the latest and greatest in remote monitoring using proactive services, we will find and fix issues before they  become problems.


Designing & implementing IT architecture to fit your unique business needs is a core focus. Not all businesses are the same, so not one solutions fits all. From highly complex virtual server environments, to small office setups we have seen most of it, and will give you our best recommendations based on real world experience. Keeping your budget in mind, we work with your current infrastructure, recommending replacements or upgrades only when necessary. Keeping your business making money is also something we strive for, providing a road map for the future to help you budget and avoid unexpected expenses.


Consider the cost of hiring one person to work in your IT department. What skill sets should that one person have? Do they keep up with the latest and greatest in technology, do they understand databases, manage your anti-virus, backups, monitoring, patching? Finally is that one person willing to be available 24/7? On average you can expect to pay a highly skilled network administrator about $60,000 per year. Now consider hiring Intrepid IT. We have real world experience in patch management, anti-virus solutions, onsite and offsite backups, database and website maintenance, available 24/7, and you get a team of highly trained technology subject matter experts. All for half the cost of hiring one person.

About Intrepid IT

We’re passionate.  Macomb County IT Company

At Intrepid IT, our passion for cutting edge technologies translates into proven information technology solutions that help our customers run their businesses more efficiently. Using real world experience we see what others might miss, how the seamless integration of technology and business processes can increase communication, productivity, and profitability.

We’re experienced.  Macomb County IT Company

Working with many different companies allows us to better serve you. We are not just technicians, but business consultants that understand the complex relationship between technology and business performance. Understanding how that relationship affects your business profitability. Our customers are assured that their IT needs are managed by a highly trained, industry certified team which includes certified Microsoft, Cisco, & VMware engineers.

We’re personable.  Macomb County IT Company

Intrepid IT is staffed and ready to handle the IT initiatives of our customers. We’re big enough for world class service and support, yet right-sized for personalized, executive level service.

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  • IT Consulting

    Hosted Services • Data Management • Managed Services  Databases • Cloud Computing • Email • Security • & more

  • Virtualization

    We can decrease costs and improve your productivity with server, desktop, application and storage virtualization.

  • Managed Services

    Our affordable, reliable, flat-rate, 24/7 IT administration & support contains costs while giving you peace of mind.

  • Business Continuity

    Proactive IT maintenance & monitoring programs prevent downtime, eliminating costly business interruption.

  • Network Management

    We can manage and maintain your IT network for you, so you can focus on running your business.

See What Clients Are Saying About Intrepid IT

Intrepid IT always attends to our business needs day or night. They are personable and always have a way of making our business a priority and making us feel like we are their only customer. We feel, as most business owners do, that our whole life is on our computer and we trust it in the hands of Intrepid It. We would highly recommend them to all business owners!

Intrepid IT is a good and honest computer company that I would recommend to everyone from small home computers to very large companies. They are direct and give a complete understanding that I always feel comfortable with. Our small company computer network and server could not run any smoother.

Intrepid IT has been a tremendous help to our firm. They have always been accessible in a reasonable time period and provides a quality level of service to meet our business needs. I would highly recommend Intrepid IT.

Intrepid IT is extremely professional and prompt. Whenever we did have an IT issue, it was addressed immediately and fixed. I highly recommend working with them for any of your IT needs.

Bringing Intrepid IT on board was one of the best moves for our company! They guided us out of the technology stone age, while staying within our budget. Now we have the ability to access our data from anywhere, while staying safe & secure. Being a 24/7 facility it provides great relief knowing I can contact them any time & get an immediate response. Genuinely a great company!

My firm NES World Group has recently undergone a customized network integration for our marketing firm and it would not have been as seamless as it was with out the help of the Intrepid IT team. They were able to find a cost effective solution for my company and effectively execute a server install and a 7 workstation Windows 365 and SharePoint in just 1 weekend and a week of fine tuning. We are now up and running with server and cloud services working together to create a very efficient business for us.

The team at Intrepid IT is great. They respond with urgency and get what ever issues or tasks done quickly. They try to educate me through it all, which helps a lot. I would recommend Intrepid IT to any company looking for IT support.

We have been using Intrepid IT for more than 3 years now, and they are wonderful. They are always very quick to respond to any issue no matter the size. And they are always happy to answer any questions. Their remote access program has also saved us on more than one occasion. We highly recommend them for personal and business use.

We have recently started doing business with Intrepid IT and we are extremely happy with the professionalism and comfort he brings to our company. They are very trustworthy with a high level of knowledge of the ever evolving IT world.

I started working with Intrepid IT back in 2013 to look at our old and tired server held together with Band-Aid patches. They recommended that we upgrade to todays more reliable technology at a very affordable price. Our company is not big enough to hire a full time IT but when we need the service, we need it to be prompt and reliable. In the fast pace world of manufacturing, we can loose a lot of money in a short time frame when we have an issue. Intrepid IT is the perfect solution for all of our IT needs. Intrepid IT solves our problems fast and is very honest with the hours that they bill us. Whether your company is large or small, I highly recommend Intrepid IT as a cost effective solution to your IT needs.

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