Common myths (and facts) about open source

"For some companies, the idea of adopting open-source software doesn't seem viable. There are many myths about open source, but the truth is that it can facilitate security, be easy to maintain and integrate, and scale to whatever heights you require. Whether you're concerned about security, maintenance, or compatibility, open source can open up a world of possibilities for companies across all industries. Sign up to stay connected—we can help you learn more about using Microsoft Azure DevOps with GitHub and Visual Studio and unravel the myths and facts about open source.

Why You Need an Open Source Software Strategy

We know that software developers use open-source software to confront major technological challenges, and that it's critical to have a strategy in place that governs its use. If open source is new to you, find some recommendations on how to build a strategy and take a staggered approach to enter into this collaborative digital landscape.

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8 new ways to empower Frontline Workers

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