3 Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

The drive to become a customer experience-focused business doesn't just come from the C-suite. Anyone with a deep understanding of today's digital mandate and a strong vision for what digital experiences can do for customers and business can lead the charge. There is potential for a huge upside, as businesses increasingly correlate strong customer experience with revenue growth. For leaders and teams wanting to combine creativity and technology, we've identified three ways to kickstart their experience-driven digital strategy. Sign up now to get this e-book and stay connected!

Empowering the assembly line

Discover how Microsoft Teams—launched in just three weeks during the pandemic—is helping Toyota integrate departments such as manufacturing, R&D, and sales into one app. This makes communication easier and processes more efficient throughout the organization.

The top 9 ways Microsoft IT is enabling remote work for its employees

Companies recently experienced a huge shift from in-office work to remote. Microsoft quickly took action to help make working remote more efficient and flexible. With Windows Virtual Desktop and best practices, companies can continue giving employees who work remotely a productive and secure experience. Check out nine additional ways Microsoft enabled their employees to work wherever, with a productive and secure experience.

Invest in Frontline Workers to drive growth

Are you looking to minimize risk and grow your business? Start by empowering your Frontline Workers with the right technology and tools. For more tips and tricks as well as the latest news from Microsoft, subscribe today!

Understanding the Virtual Environment

Windows Virtual Desktop is a great tool to help you optimize your productivity and security, wherever you are located. Check out the power of virtualization when you work remotely with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Toyota Motor North America Migrates 40,000 to Microsoft Teams in Three Weeks

Toyota Motor North America had been running Skype for Business on Azure. When Microsoft phased out those datacenters, TMNA moved to Teams. The switch to Teams Only included a superior audio conferencing and calling experience, including Teams Phone for external calls.

Windows Virtual Desktop Solution Overview

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence. Learn how Windows Virtual Desktop expands capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience in the video below.

Employee engagement soars as Shell energizes internal communication with Office 365

Investing in and empowering #FrontlineWorkers drives growth, corporate allegiance, productivity, and innovation. Watch this video to see how #RoyalDutchShell helped unite and empower its 84,000 employees with #Microsoft solutions.

Digital tools to empower Frontline Workers

Your #FrontlineWorkers are the first to engage customers, represent your brand, and to see products and services in action. Empower them and boost your bottom line with best-in-class cloud-based productivity software. Give your workforce the best digital tools to improve their performance and communication. Microsoft can help you get started. Learn more:

10 ways Frontline Workers can use Teams

Microsoft Teams is designed to keep your organization connected from the C-suite to the Frontline. Learn 10 ways Teams can specifically help unlock productivity for shift workers. You can empower them to connect and communicate, streamline task management, manage schedules and time, and more! Read on: