Transition to Cloud: A journey to Modern Work with Microsoft 365

A changed workplace with increased security risks and economic uncertainties requires business resiliency. Organizations must address global burnout, hybrid work, and the complicated nature of BYOD—bring your own device. With Microsoft 365, you get a flexible, solid platform enhanced by industry-leading apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security, all in one place. Its integrated features and resources will help to speed up and simplify your company's day-to-day operations while keeping all your data secure.

All you need to know about Windows Virtual Desktop

@Windows #VirtualDesktop is the only cloud-based service that delivers a multi-user Windows 10 experience, optimized for Office 365 ProPlus. In this webcast, get an inside look at @Windows #VirtualDesktop and how to use it in your organization. Then contact to learn more.

Empowering the Frontline Workforce: Forbes Insights

Organizations that empower their Frontline Workers and include them in digital transformation are 3Xs more likely to see faster growth, greater customer satisfaction, increased productivity, more innovation, and better communications. Unfortunately, many companies aren't including this workforce. Learn why that's a problem and what you can do for your own company to ensure growth. Read this report from Forbes Insights and Microsoft.

Employ flexible, open hybridcloud solutions—transform customer engagement

With Microsoft Azure you can enable remote work, take advantage of cloud innovation, and maximize existing on-premises investments by relying on an effective hybrid and multicloud approach. Discover how to transform customer engagement with a holistic, seamless, and secure approach that allows you to continuously innovate. Sign up to stay connected so we can help you modernize your .NET apps on Microsoft Azure and stay up to date on the latest cloud computing trends.

Microsoft makes it easier to get started with Windows Virtual Desktops

As more companies shift to remote work, Microsoft works toward making its Windows Virtual Desktop easier for users to increase productivity and security. Learn how Brad Anderson, Vice President for Microsoft 365, and his team created effortless experiences for users to provide meaningful solutions.

Why you neeed to empower your FirstLine Workforce now

Did you know that 72% of retail executives strongly agree that digital transformation has increased the need to equip Frontline Workers with additional tools? It's no wonder that now is the time to empower your Frontline Workforce. Learn more stats about how these employees can drive transformation and discover how Microsoft solutions can help.

Why Windows Virtual Desktop

Learn how you can maximize productivity when you set up Windows Virtual Desktop. Connect from any device of your choice and experience extensive support. Be a part of the best conference and media experience here.

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Your Frontline Workers have the power to drive your business's digital transformation and ensure success. But they need the right tools and technology to do it. Are you ready to connect and engage your Frontline Workers and have an impactful digital transformation? Microsoft can help. Subscribe today for more.

Helping customers across every industry prepare for the future

AI-enhanced diagnostics, intelligent supply chains, digital twin technology: driven by the pandemic, these structural changes are happening faster now than ever. Microsoft has developed platforms and tools for you to keep up with this innovation and for companies to gain a competitive edge. Discover how we are helping customers prepare for the future!

Transition to Cloud Deployment checklist

Smart businesses know that cloud transformation equals stability and agility. You can make the transition easily with Microsoft 365—products that are uniquely positioned to help build resilience, enabling higher end-user productivity, and help save money. Review the infographic and get started today with this 5-step deployment checklist. Learn how you can rapidly deploy Teams, secure access, provide employees with support, and more.